Exploring innovations in renal care

This October we will proudly be joining renal professionals from around the world in San Diego for the ASN Kidney Week 2018. Every year, we at Baxter look forward to this truly global event that focuses on investigating new and empowering possibilities for renal patients and the therapies that support them. Kidney Week 2018 marks yet another exciting opportunity to show attendees how Baxter’s therapy options can advance the care healthcare professionals can provide for all their individual PD, HD and acute patients. These care settings may have different needs, but the aim of these therapies is the same, to save and sustain lives of patients in the best possible way.

Homechoice Claria is not sold in the US.


Continuing our legacy of pioneering PD solutions

Baxter continues our leadership in providing empowering therapy options for patients treating at home. This expertise has allowed us to bring you the HOMECHOICE CLARIA and AMIA advanced APD systems with the innovative SHARESOURCE Connectivity Platform. SHARESOURCE platform has been designed to help transform and simplify home renal care, so more patients can access and stay on PD longer with confidence and fewer complications. Visit booth 1719 to discover how these systems can extend the care you can provide.


HDx expands your renal possibilities

The HDx therapy (expanded HD) is an exciting addition to Baxter’s full HD portfolio of monitors, consumables, services and systems. The HDx therapy is the next evolution in hemodialysis, as it effectively targets the removal of large middle molecules.1 Not only can HDx therapy provide HDF performance and beyond in the removal of conventional and large middle molecules, it does so using regular HD workflow and infrastructure.2 We look forward to showing you the possibilities the HDx therapy can hold for your clinic.


Acute therapies

Optimizing treatments in demanding environments

We have been at the forefront of advancing new technologies and revolutionizing treatment for critically ill patients around the world. Visit our booth at ASN and see how Baxter’s leading PRISMAFLEX system and SHARESOURCE software offers clinicians the flexibility to meet patients’ diverse needs and powers our portfolio of products to deliver a complete range of extracorporeal blood purification (EBP) therapies to help manage patients with AKI, acute respiratory distress syndrome, autoimmune diseases and/or sepsis. Plus an opportunity to get a look at the new PRISMAX system, Baxter’s next generation EBP system, launching soon.



  • Dr. Steven Guest
    Dr. Mauricio Sanabria
Grand Hyatt,
Harbor Ballroom G

7:00PM - 10:00PM


  • Claudio Ronco, MD
  • Colin Hutchison, MD
Exhibit Hall Theater

11:00AM - 12:00PM


Where to find us

Visit us at booth #1719 to discover all that Baxter can do to help you deliver on the individual needs of your patients.